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Using Cake Boards & Cards

Cake Boards

A cake board is a very thick piece of dense cardboard or polystyrene covered in silver foil, which the cake sits on. It will make your cake look professional as well as making your cake easier to transport and display.

Cake boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your cake. When choosing the right board, we suggest a board that is 7.5cm (3") larger than the cake.

You can leave your board plain or it can be covered in a layer of coloured fondant and trimmed with ribbon.

Cake Cards

Cake cards are lighter and thinner than cake boards and are used for stacking layers of cake such as in a tiered wedding cake. Use cake dowels or pillars to support each layer. Smaller cake cards are great for presenting small cakes and cupcakes.

Cake Board Paper

Use cake board paper to cover your own board or to refresh a used board than may have knife marks on it. The food grade silver foil comes in a wider range of colours so you can update your board time and time again. Use a spray on adhesive to get a smooth, consistent finish.

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